Other fantasy creatures

Daruma doll, paper-mache. The history of these dolls originates in Japan. Daruma is an assistant for the fulfillment of your wishes. In order to use it, you need to make a wish, draw an eye for the doll (one!), put it on a shelf. Wait. Within a year, the wish must come true. After that, the second eye is drawn on the doll and left on the shelf - as a keepsake and in gratitude to the Universe. In case the wish was not fulfilled - long ago the dolls were either burned or broken, now they are more often just left - as a monument to their owner patience, apparently :) If patience and hope are still here, then you may take the second doll, draw one eye on it ... Well, and further in the text. :)
Minotaur - a character from the game "Mobile legends", made to order. Polymer clay.